Thank you for coming

On behalf of executive committee and the general membership of the United Kiang Association , the Secretrait of the association would like to extend their sincere appreciation and gratitude to all those who made their annual Chossan day a great success.
We wish to extend special thanks to the main sponsor of the day The CEO of Approve Services LTD, The Lady of the Event,Chief Patroness and the Chief Guest of Honour for their generous donations.
We wish to equally thank the organising committee for the steadfastness in organising such a great event and their great innitiative in bringing lot more new activities. Without your sincerity and comitment to your various and individual roles being successful the day would have been a failure.
To all those who came as Patron,Patronesses as well as all those who attended by buying tickets to grace the occassion,we sincerely register our greatest appreciation to you all. Without your participation the day would have been a failure. We hold all of you to the highest esteem.
Thank you all.

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