Back to Roots……

Our elders says,

If you don’t know where you are heading to then go back to where you originally started”. Kiang is my is my Root and I am today proud of myself to be among the organisers of this enriched Chossan Day of ours.…

I am proud to call myself loud and clear that I am a flesh born mandinka from Kiang.

The United kiang Association of UK has done wonders today in Birmingham for the first Kiang Chossan Event celebration. We have proven to the people of Birmingham and UK that we are sons and daughters of Manding from Kiang and as such still practicing our Norms and Values in the UK.

We should not forget our roots and should proudly demonstrate it to the nation. What Kiang did today is just a start and inshallah next time will be even greater. We have proven to the people that no matter where you are and what status you have in the society, shouldn’t make one forget your culture and tradition.

Our culture and tradition are the richest Assets we have with us in the west and we should make best use of it by demonstrating maintaining and passing it on to our younger generations to come.

We would like to say a big Thank you to APPROVE SERVICES our sponsor for supporting us through the event.

A big thanks to lady of the night Mahawa Keita and Family and our Chief patron Binta Drammeh and husband. A special thanks to the chief guest of honour Mrs Mbareh Dabo and family and not forgetting our health and Education ambassadors, Dr Rabia Dabo and Faal Sanneh.

United Kiang is thanking all Gambians associations in the UK and Gambian communities in every corner of the UK for taking their time in the celebration of Kiang Chossan Day 2016 live in Birmingham UK.

We would also like to thank our neighbours the Jarrankas and Jarra Association in Uk and the entire Gambian community in Birmingham for their enormous support on the day.

Finally a big thanks goes to the the entire Badibunka community in Birmingham and surrounding for their support .
Badibou and Kiang cannot go without each other.

It was a worthy cause indeed and all credit goes to each and every single one of you.

Thank you all.

Yafatou Drammeh
Assistant Social Secretary

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